by Elie Wiesel

Summer 2017 Enrichment Camp with

Mr. Paul Perez

written by Abraham

The wheels hurry onward, onward.
What do they carry? 
They carry a cartload 
Of shivering shoes.

The wagon like a canopy 
in the evening light; 
The shoes — clustered 
Like people in a dance.

A wedding, a holiday?
Has something blinded my eyes?
The shoes —I seem
To recognize them.

The heels go tapping 
With a clatter and a din. 
From our old Vilna streets 
They drive us to Berlin.

I should not ask
But something tears at my tongue 
Shoes, tell me the truth 
Where are they, the feet?

The fleet from those boots
With button like dew —
And here, where is the body
And there, where is the bride?

Where is the child 
To fill those shoes 
Why has the bride 
Gone barefoot?

Through the slippers and the boots 
I see those my mother used to wear
She kept them for the Sabbath 
Her favorite pair.

And the heels go tapping:
With a clatter and a din.
From our old Vilna streets
They drive us to Berlin.