Key Concepts

Happening is a narrative as an introspective learning process; it is a tree that grows; it is leaves and branches resulting from the reflexive growth; and, it blooms and gives fruit as knowledge.


Other Key Concepts

Critical consciousness is also known as Freirean “conscientization” with heavy political overtones, consciousness raising is “critical awareness of the social, political, and economic conditions and contradictions of a person’s life necessary in order to identify those that are repressive or oppressive” (Gutek, 2005, p., 431). 


Autoethnography gives "voice that concentrates on telling a personal, evocative story to provoke others’ stories and adds blood and tissue to the abstract ones of theoretical discourse” (Bochner & Ellis, 2011). 

Bricolage“seeks insight from the margins and implies the fictive and imaginative elements of presentation” that empowers the marginalized autoethnographer “to produce new forms of knowledge” (Kincheloe et al, 2018, p. 246).