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Dr. Paul Perez-jimenez

Ed.D. - Curriculum & Instruction/HiEd-EdTech

M.A. - English Rhetoric/Composition and Literature

M.A. Certification -Interdisciplinary Studies 

B.A. - Spanish/English

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Remote  online classes continue since      March 23rd, 2020

 click on the Zoom icon (above) for live video meeting or dial 616-166-8362 to join voice only.

involves conscious honesty.  Honesty practiced breeds trust.  Trust leads
to good thoughts, personal responsibility, and critical action;
justice follows willingly.  Love abides where justice flows
freely. However, if we ever lose compassion,
then we forfeit the right to 

Hello, students, parents, and colleagues. Welcome to my website! Here, you discover information about me and the courses I teach as well as a variety of assistance created especially for the current course. These resources help you practice and review class material. In addition, you obtain information on class policies, assignments, and projects. Also, examine the educational resources I recommend and see how I've integrated technology to enhance rigor and the pedagogical/andragogical process .

Dr. P. Pérez-Jiménez
Higher Education

Curriculum &

Ed. D.


(Please understand this is not to be taken lightly.)

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